Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Critique My Blog Blogfest

I am participating in the "Critique My Blog Blogfest" sponsored by A Writer's Journey.

Everyone's a critic and that's a good thing, especially today.  You, my readers, are important to me and I want to make my blog site one you'll look forward to spending more time in, so please critique away; I value your thoughts and comments.  Please make your critique based on any or all of the following: 

a.      Appearance: Does it appeal to you? Is it too busy, or too plain?
b.      Layout: Is it difficult to navigate? Is it cluttered, or sparse?
c.      Frequency: Does the blogger post too often? Not often enough?
d.      Content: Are the posts interesting? Unique? Are they focused, or all over the place?
e.      Quality: Are the individual posts too long, too short, too sloppy, or too generic?
f.       Other:  Feel free to freestyle; comment on anything else that occurs to you.