Wednesday, October 31, 2007


How do I reveal my heart's inner blood,

to let you know the emotions that flood?

If they go unexposed, I am bound to expire;

my search for your love consumes me like fire.

My soul screams out to meld with your own.

This unsated desire casts me lost and alone.

As a knight's quest exceeds the kingdom’s far reaches,

I seek your existence, for my heart’s blood beseeches.

Confusion abounds throughout tortured nights.

Do you truly exist; can you end the woe of my plight?

Damnable obstacles and stresses endured

create lies in my head my heart hopes are absurd.

Our spirits’ true union will set our passion to burning,

so be not elusive, but reveal now your heart’s yearning.

When at last our paths cross and our hearts fall together,

my heart’s blood will know you when you're beside me forever.